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Email For Sale  10 years on line   $1,500 Firm

We have been trading links for 10+ years 
 We have enjoyed the camaraderie of our link partners.
but over the past few years things have changed. People sell their domains or trade them
 and then the new owners find they are linked to us.

They don't just try to resolve the link issues. (Some Do)  they " threaten  "cuss & "Demand.
 You better remove us right now or we will sue you.

 One of the problems is They have a different company name associated with the link that they had aquired,
So when they would ask to have it removed ,
they would send the email with their company name
not the original company name
so we would have to scroll over our names on the site
to read the link to find theirs. I mean time consuming. When you have a site with 2,000 links  its not easy to find them.

 So if you have our link on your site and want us to put you back on our site
 Send us your link and URL of where our link is
, and we will put you back on

 Yes we are all the victums of a few classless web unmasters want to bee's.

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